Kenny Ramos, JD

President / Managing Broker

Kenny Ramos is the President and Managing Broker of RFH Capital Advisors, LLC (“RFHCA”).

He is a licensed real estate broker in Florida and Georgia; and is also a member of the Audit Committee of the Georgia Association of REALTORS®.

He is bilingual, a first-generation American, and a first-generation college student. His family migrated from Honduras and he currently lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and children.

Kenny earned his Bachelors of Science (“BS”) in accounting from Hunter College and his Juris Doctor (“J.D.”) from the St. Thomas University School of Law with concentrations in Real Estate Law and Business Law. He graduated law school early, in two (2) years, and has successfully passed the New Jersey Bar Exam.

He is currently in the process of applying for licensure with the Texas Board of Law Examiners with plans to expand RFHCA to Texas and open a multi-jurisdictional — full-service — real estate law firm.